International Romani Art Festival

First edition "So Keres, Europa? August 31st -September 6th, 2007 Romania, Timisoara
powered by TURN Cultural Association

Monday, March 17, 2008


We know.

We know, and we understand.

We know, we understand, and we care.

We have time to understand, time to care.

We understood and we want the others to understand as well.

We honestly proclaim ourselves against discrimation; against racism.

And since the art of persuasion begins with opening your mind and your ears, and not your mouth, we decided to speak through the voice of the example. Let’s rethink the old, the tradition with a new mind.

International Romani Art Festival with the theme „So keres, Europa?” aims at revealing a new perspective upon a delicate subject of present interest. It is time to say no to prejudice and racism. It is time that the integration of the Roma population in the society became a fact. These issues represent a vital component in our development both as individuals and as a society.

The festival will be organized annualy, each time with a different theme, under which there will be organized various activities representative for the most important cultural genre. The thematic of the festival will be different for every edition in accordance with the present socio-cultural context.

The first edition unfolds under the theme “So Keres, Europa” (”What’s up, Europe?”) and aims at drawing attention at the importance of the role each european citizen plays in the fight against discrimination.

It offers the possiblity to interract, get to know the „one next to you”, to make oneself noticed, to come into contact with other cultures.

The objectives of the festival:

To promote the Roma culture and the Roma artists on a national and international level through a series of high-quality events.

To increase the level of information regarding the culture and tradition of the Roma people.

To promote interculturality.

To involve the governmental and non-governmental institutions as well as the media in the fight against discrimination.

To involve the youth in the socio-cultural life.

To establish and maintain a connection with both the direct and indirect participants by means of a continuous information campaign.

To revive the cultural life in Timisoara.

Live concerts, Film prejections, Photography exhibitions, Dance Classes, Theater shows, Socio-cultural animations, Fairs show, Craftsmen fairs, Activities for children, Book releases, Informative events, Workshops, Debates,